The Vibration List

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”The Vibration List” is an illustrated self help book disguised as a comic book . Composed by around 36 pages, “The Vibration List”  is composed by a list of 31 trippy, new agy, spiritual terms that are explained in a funny yet accurate way. the book is illustrated and wrote with a hand lettering to look like some notes taken on a post it. the illustrations are fresh and funny. 

The Vibration List” winks  to Gabby Bernstein, Deepak Chopra or Marisa Peer with one eye while holding near it’s heart Yumi Sakugawa’s, Adam J Kurtz’s or James Victore’s artistic approach. on one side there is the interest for deep and spiritual terminology and on the other side the graphic fun.  “The Vibration List” is more funky than the self-help book graphic approach. (I’m a huge fan of all the people just cited). 

I imagine “The Vibration List” as a small eBook, easy to read and contemplate while living the everyday life.

I wrote “The Vibration List” as a memo during my mindfulness-spiritual practice and it will give the reader the basic concept to shift the perception of their suffering on everyday problems.