Request a commission

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(if you were looking for a way to book a tattoo, click here )

I love working with my clients and  collectors to create custom drawings. Let me know a bit more about what you’re looking for to speed up the quoting process.

Please fill out your email request for your  commissions with those informations and be patient, the answer will arrive (even if I don’t feel working on your project I will send you a reply):

  • your idea (be specific like “a wild flower growing form the head of a bear” and never write things like “something that FEELS happy” or “an illustration for my lover because they’re funny” since those things are  very subjective)
  • if it’s for buying the original art to hang in your private place or if it’s for an illustration to use somewhere else:
    -for the original art: preferred size
    -for illustration: destination of the work
  • for WHEN you will need it
  • (if you have it) preferred budget (so, when possible, I can give you some adaptation in order to fit it)

send me a mail to nicozbalboa @ gmail . com  w/ object “request commission”

You will get a reply within 3-10 working days, depending on mental health state or quantity of workload, since every request must be considered with attention.