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screen print “the backyard mermaid” series of 7


30 x 40 cm

screen print series of 7

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this is a series of 7 screen prints from my famous “backyard mermaid”. in this 7 copies éditions you can see 4 colors and black. you can see yellow, blue, green and  orange but the only colors I used where blue, yellow and magenta. 

I printed the blue and on the next step, while printing the yellow, I dropped some magenta in the yellow  directly while printing and it quickly became orange and kept changing while I was printing (there is no yellow-orange alone in this series). I printed this mixture partially on the blue who rapidly became green. 

if you’re lucky enough, in some copies of those edition, you still can see a fine blue outline under the green-orange scales and this, for me, is the magic of screen printing. is like seeing the squeegee traveling on the frame again.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 3 cm