Graphic Journal Club

what is a   Graphic Journal ?

Graphic Journal  is for me a place in which I can settle for a moment of self car and  self observation.

I’ve been keeping a Graphic Journal since 2000 and for me it is an important practice for nurturing  an inner space for positive and a personal growth.

using images, symbols, self portraits as a self-narration tools will make the journaling practice fun and yet transformative.

when arrived the idea of giving graphic journaling classes?

back in April 2020 -when we where in lockdown- I felt it would have been a good idea to share my practice. Since then a lot of people enjoyed the Graphic Journaling practice

you think you “can’t draw”?

trust me, I will show you that this is just some judgement we trow on ourself. every kid draws but then some of them stop and other continue. why? because of this fu#*in judgment that says “stop! you can’t draw “

what a  Graphic Journaling class looks like?

it’s always a big 1 hour and a half in which we start with a meditation, then we do a grounding self portrait practice. and then the class, each time a theme will guide our inner exploration to arrive at the end of the class (at least a little bit) transformed and uplifted.

if you want to dig deeper, go check the very early Graphic Journaling classes in free access on my YouTube channel .

how can you join classes?

 graphic journaling classes are taking place  on Patreon    on a subscription based  (differents options are available) payment  

what happens when you  subscribe?

you will have:

  • monthly Graphic Journaling class live on zoom and the replay (same in the “à la carte”)
  • Members-only access to comics and High-res content from the past  (pdf card / motivational phone or laptop wallpaper / coloring sheets)
  • random live zoom for: Q&A when required by members , chat, mentoring
  • possibility to chose a “merch” or a “1:1” subscription.


Here’s the recap of the very first 3 Graphic Journaling classes back in 2020

Lesson 1 . Get Into The Groove (Blog post)

Lesson 2 . What a Feeling(Blog post)

Lesson 3 . The Roof Is On Fire (blog post and Video below)

if you want to take this time for you in a creative and nurturing way come and join the Graphic Journaling Club

Join the Graphic Journaling Club

on a monthly subscription based payment on Patreon

You can also  join the   Graphic Journaling Facebook Group for free

which is a place to feel good, to exchange moments, energy, art practices and support.