you are all set!


please keep this link & infos handy:


ID meeting: 304 494 7674

If it – for some reasons- asks for a passwrd use: love (or LOVE)



next Class will be:



° Sunday August 13 at 6h30pm CET / Paris Time


° Sunday September 10 at 6h30pm CET / Paris Time


° Sunday October 15 at 6h30pm CET / Paris Time


° Sunday November 12 at 6h30pm CET / Paris Time



things to know before coming to class:



° class will last around 1h30, please arrive right on time and -if you can- find yourself a spot with good internet connection where you feel  cozy (it can be your desk or your bed, you pick)


° bring you journal (or fave notebook/sketchbook) as well as your fave pens, markers, pencils and all the supplies you’re used to


° class will be filmed to post on my YouTube channel (often privately for Patreons subscribers and sometimes  public)


(+ by the way + you can already go check my  Youtube channel to see what a Graphic Journal Club Live Class looks like!even if  only Patreons have access to ALL the past classes -since 2020-)


can’t wait to see you in class!