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-“Baglione Vs Balboa”drawing on William Baglione photos at Hangar Tattoo Gallery, Rome

-“Touch us we are sick” double solo exhibition with Francesco Panatta at Hangar Tattoo Gallery, Rome

-“Contemporary hearts” double solo show with Anna Tufano at Rialto Occupato, Rome

-“Magical Mystery Wood”, Fabrica Fluxus – Bari

-“Ambassadors of the otherworldly” double solo exhibition with Ciou at Rue de Beauce Gallery – Paris

-Triple solo exhibition with Navette and Easy Sacha, Le Pied De Biche, Paris

-“Nicoz Balboa goes porn” at Eight Of Swords gallery, New York

-Triple solo exhibition with Aya Kakeda and Angie Mason, MF gallery, New York

-“La chasse à la ligne” solo exhibtion at atelier Bletterie – La Rochelle

-“Le journal graphique” solo exhibtion at atelier Bletterie – La Rochelle

-“Animal wisdom” Luisa Catucci gallery (formerly Cell63 Gallery), Berlin

-“Nicoz Balboa goes porn” Desideratum tattoo gallery, Barcelona

-“Nicoz Balboa goes porn” Les Libelules Studio during BilBolBul Festival, Bologna

-“Drawing My Life Ruined My Life” Les Libelules Studio during BilBolBul Festival, Bologna

-“#Mermtrans” at Play Zoo during Gender Bender Festval, Bologna


-“Italian pop surrealism” group exhibition at Mondo Bizzarro gallery – Rome

-“Art shake” at Mondo Bizzarro gallery – Rome

– “Yoga on my skin” at Parione 9 gallery, Rome

-“Skulls of Rome” curated by DRAGO publisher – Rome

-“Pop Invaders” and “Money-Lisa” at Mondo POP gallery – Rome

-“Mobiletty” at galleria Stella,Rome

“Crack” exhibition (with the Punk Surrealism group) at Forte Prenestino, Rome

-“Micropop nipposuggestioni” at the Angel Art Gallery – Milan

-“Beautiful dreamers” at the Angel Art Gallery – Milan

-“Ketos”, Acquario civico – Milan

-“Premio Lissone”, Museum of Contemporary Art – Lissone

-“FUMETTA, the contemporary lady-designers of the Italian comic world” –  Spinea

-“Sweet street” at Gallery Nucleus – Los Angeles

-“Sweet street II” at Gallery Nucleus – Los Angeles

-“Immigrant punk” at Black Maria Gallery – Los Angeles

-“Show me your fantasy”,  FEMINA POTENS, San Francisco

-“Don’t say motherfucker, motherfucker” at the MF gallery – New York

-“Halloween party” at MF gallery, New York

-“I need your skull” at MF gallery, New York

-“Girls  of the underground” at MF gallery, New York

-“Ladies, ladies!” at MF gallery, New York

-Collective exhibition “power and currency” curated by Nathalie Kates, New York

-“Dirty Show” – Detroit

-“Knock your socks off” at the Head Quarters Gallery – Montreal

-“World of illustration” at Intoxicated Demons Gallery – Berlin

-“Whaleless” at Strychnin Gallery – Berlin and London

-“Girls Adventures” at Arkel gallery – Bruxelle

-Christmass collective exhibition at Art’s Factory gallery, Paris

-“Méthamorphose en bord de cièl” group exhibition at Art De Rien Gallery – Paris

-Collective exhibition the BIC SHOW,  Art De Rien Gallery, Paris

-Collective exhibition FREAKS,   Art De Rien Gallery, Paris

-“Dites 33” at Espace des Blancs-Manteaux , Paris

-“Cerbère” triple exhibition with Karote and Chris Bonobo Viva Dolor  gallery, Lyon

-“Les ateliers dans la galerie” group exhibition at Atelier Bletterie – La Rochelle

-“Un dessin est beau si la ligne est vivante” group exhibition at Winterlong Galerie, Niort