Graphic Journal throught your Chakras

So I decided to pair our Graphic Meditation/Visual Journaling classes with some deep yet fun work around the chakras.



we have 6 + 1 chakras and each one is responsible for  a part of our wellbeing and, when blocked by trauma that happens in life (you don’t have to be coming from hard “war” situations to having experienced trauma, you will be “amazed” to know how many things, as child, can wound us) they can be responsible for some suffering and unbalance in our everyday life.

But with the Graphic Meditation/ Visual Journaling practice we can see and redraw our life 🙂

7 x 90 minutes classes!

enjoy <3



1 – Root Chakra

Length: 95 minutesAuthor: Nicoz

Today we started with exploring the Root chakra and then we lightened the mood with some fun and fast drawing exercises.

2 – Sacral Chakra

Length: 85 minutesAuthor: Nicoz

we worked about shame and sacral chakra : – chakra resume -meditation – self-portrait -graphic journaling exercises about shame

3 – Solar Chakra

Length: 85 minutesAuthor: Nicoz

-breath of fire/ego eradicate meditation – non dominant hand portraits – journaling with Byron Katie’s work -trust your hands self portrait

4 – Heart Chakra

Length: 94 minutesAuthor: Nicoz

we continued our journey through the chakras for our graphic journaling practice. exercises: – draw a feeling part one – heart meditation -draw a feeling part 2 -journaling of our fucked up life events -mirroring exercise aka draw the person […]

5 – Throat Chakra

Length: 92 minutesAuthor: Nicoz

what we are insecure about is what we judge other people for. and if we judge is because we have jealousy. jealousy must be used as a tool to know ourselves, our dreams and our blocking. let’s work on this […]

6 – Third Eye Chakra

Length: 94 minutesAuthor: Nicoz

We learned all about identity, essence and learning how to trust your creative voice. This kind of work may apply to your artistic career but also to human interaction. <3

+ + Crown Chakra

Length: 93 minutesAuthor: Nicoz

today’s class was all about knowing for sure that we are supported and loved by trusting even our painful story. we started the meditation by entering our heart space and by “praying” to divine feminine. we cried, we laugh, it […]