welcome to the BALBOA P🌲RK! what’s this?

BALBOA P🌲RK is a place to feel good, to exchange moments, energy, art practices and support. it all started  with the creation of the Graphic Journaling class. it can happen in two ways:

way 1 to come to the BALBOA P🌲RK: as a subscription based space taking place on Patreon.

Patreon subscriptions are divided in 4: Smile with Nicoz Balboa, Enjoy with Nicoz Balboa, Practice with Nicoz Balboa and 1-1 with Nicoz Balboa. let’s see all them in detail:

Smile with Nicoz Balboa

  • Members-only access to comics
  • High-res content (pdf card / motivational phone or laptop wallpaper / coloring sheets… content may change every month)
  • a monthly group zoom meeting  for tips, Q&A, mentoring, chatting, live drawing.
Enjoy with Nicoz Balboa
  • all the above +
  • Access to graphic Journaling class replay released bi-monthly and the previous classes  (please notice: this pledge does NOT include the Graphic Journaling class live on zoom)

Practice with Nicoz Balboa

  • all the above +
  • bi-monthly graphic journaling collectives live classes on zoom (and replays)

1-1 with Nicoz Balboa

  • all the above +
  • 1 Personal 60′ minutes coaching/lessons a month to help you set up your artist aim or help you drive your artist career in a mindful way (Coaching you on communication, Instagram following building in a positive and joyful way , marketing from your heart, self love and so on ), digging on the inner work started during the collective class , lgbtqia+ questioning or supporting

go to Patreon Page Now.


way 2 to come to the BALBOA P🌲RK:  with sessions “à la carte” by going to my Fiverr page

on fiver you have 3 options,

  • I’ve created the possibility to have a coaching session for guiding you through all the LGBTQIA+ questions and issues you may have at a very low price in order to help everyone. if you’re struggling with having the courage to see yourself and you need an external guide, if you are afraid to come out, if you don’t know how to do it or if you only need a little bit of fairy dust motivation, I’m here to provide that. because over the rainbow there’s happiness. and I’m here to take you there. I’m an Italian Trans*man late bloomer certified Fairy, and I’m here for you. BOOK NOW
  • I’ve created the possibility to have a coaching session for guiding you through your art career blocks.  if you’re struggling with turning your art into a career or if you lack the courage to use your own unique creative voice, I’m here for guiding you. I’m a Trans Italian artist living in France for 20 years, I live of my art through ups and downs, wins and struggles and I will teach you how. BOOK NOW
  • I’ve created the possibility to teach you Graphic Journaling. keeping a Journal is important for keeping an inner space positive and a personal growth constant. using images, symbols, self portraits as a self-narration tools will make the journaling practice transformative. you think you “can’t draw”? trust me, I will show you that this is a lie! :)I can’t wait to work with you on your wellbeing, BOOK NOW I hope all is clear. nothing is changing to the subscription you already have. it’s only just in case you want to work more with me. and as usual the prices are super low and accessible to everyone because this for me is more a way to be at service than a way to make money. be at service, give my experience to help you is what makes me happy and what I feel I’m called to do so the more can afford it the more I feel fulfilled . does it make sense?  🙂 see you Sunday for the Graphic Journaling class (or for the replay) and next week for the monthly collective call 🙂